Introducing Welsh Mangalitza.

Impeccable Mangalitza with Impeccable Provenance since 2010.

This page is dedicated to the Mynydd Mawr Mangalitza Herd. A pedigree herd kept on the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains in West Wales UK. We breed and raise all of our stock truly free range and cut, cure and process every pig in our fully registered on farm butchery. We farm without machinery and do not use any enhanced feeds or feeds containing soya or GM crops.

We have designed and mixed the feeds our pigs consume ourselves and this have enabled us to produce a carcass like no other! We supply many local establishments and sell direct from our farm and by Mail order via email contact, we hope you like our page. Please contact us Stuart or Angela Mason for any enquiries of livestock, carcasses, meat sales, wholesale or retail or just a special meal or two for your family.

A little bit about what makes a Mangalitza, a Welsh Mangalitza.

Welsh Mangalitza is the only Mangalitza farmer producer in the UK and was established in 2010 – we breed, farm, butcher nose to tail & cure our own produce, we believe this gives us complete provenance and a unique insight in farming our livestock. The pigs are slaughtered locally in Tregaron 5.6 miles away, a small family run abattoir.

We practice whole animal butchery and we are one of the very few fresh blood blackpudding producers in the UK, and even fewer again using fresh blood from their own pigs as we do, it really is a rare beast!

Our herd is farmed entirely free range and we feed our pigs a natural diet – a home mixed feed that we designed ourselves. We don’t use Soya, Palm, GM crops and our straights are sourced as locally as possible. This enables us to rear to exact and different ratios of carcass. We do not farm to any quotas, the pigs leave us when they are ready, this could anything from 24 months up to 5 years for certain customers.

Over 95% of what we produce is sold by ourselves at farmers markets or delivered locally, there is a fantastic following for the beautifully fat pig that is the Mangalitza!

Contact Phone: 07368165775
Facebook: Welsh Mangalitza & Butchery (group)
Twitter: @mynyddmawrherd

Pedigree Welsh Mangalitza with impeccable Provenance! WE breed, Raise, Butcher & Cure all on farm. Unique feed mix No Soya & non GM Mail order/Livestock/Carcasses.

Welsh Mangalitza – truly a Nose to Tail Farmer/Producer.

Truly Free Range pigs 24/7 365

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